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  • Harold, nn Hal & Dorothy, nn undecided

    17 30.36%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Eleanor, nn Nora

    21 37.50%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Margaret, nn Mae

    9 16.07%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Cecilia, nn CeCi

    8 14.29%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Josette

    1 1.79%
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    Harold and Dorothy sound stunning! Love it!
    And for nickname, what about Teddy, Thea, Dolly or Dot? A big amount of nicknames makes me love Dorothy even more.
    By the way, I like your son's name! I like Harold nn Harry but my boyfriend is bothered by association with "Requiem For a Dream". Sorry for question, have you ever had experience with that associations?

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    With Harold, I think these three vintage names would sound beautiful.

    1 Dorothy nn Dolly or Russian Dasha - A "natural" sister for a Harold!
    2 Margaret nn Mae - Classic and underused gem!
    3 Eleanor nn Nora - A strong and majestic choice.

    Honorable Mention

    Cecilia nn Ceci - It's vintage but a little too frilly with the serious Harold.

    The only one I'm not liking with Harold is the cutesy French name Josette. Harold's sister needs a feminine name with more strength than this one.
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    Harold and Eleanor
    Hal and Nora

    Are devine perfection. Both FN and NN combos are just stunning.
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    OMG- thanks you guys!!! Getting so excited now that I feel like real progress is being made. Going to share all your posts with hubby tonight and discuss further. I just KNEW we had a good name sitting somewhere on our family trees and uncovering it has been quite the process.

    To Mclevine- we have never had an issue with R.F.A.D. Mostly I was worried about Harry Potter with using the nn Harry. That is why, ultimately, we went with the nn Hal instead, and it sounded better with our last name. Only once have I had someone say, "Just like Shallow Hal" when talking about my son's name, but we were in Wal-Mart at the time, so I took the comment in stride.

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    I love Hal and Mae together.

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