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    Delilah is far more vulgar than Orchid to me. Orchid is sometimes used as a bit of a euphamism (like "her flower" iykwim) but Delilah has at least as much negative connotation.

    I also don't see the problem with obviously flowery? We're really saying its more problematic to be named Violet/Lily/Marguerite than Delilah/Jezebel?

    Honestly Orchid is not my favourite flower name by like thirty flowers I can think of (including Calanthe... which is a kind of orchid...) but I'd still rank it WELL over Delilah, which I can't stand, even though Lila or Leila would be ok.

    I do think Aurora Orchid flows better than Orchid Aurora.

    I'm also really fond of Opal, which isn't a flower but is a nature name Orchid is reminiscent of, to me.

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