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    I think Orchid Aurora looks and sounds absolutely beautiful, and I used to love the idea of Orchid as a name, the sound is very endearing to me, but unfortunately I can't get over the fact that "orchid" comes from the Greek word for "testicle" (I guess the flower is named this because of the shape of the root?)..."cryptorchid" is the medical name for undescended testicle(s). But, it doesn't seem that most people are aware of this...but I worry that anyone in the veterinary field/medical field might know, and it would be unpleasant to google the meaning of your name as a kid and find out it comes from the word testicle. I would go with Delilah June, personally, it's just as gorgeous but not as awkward in meaning...however, if you did choose Orchid Aurora, most people would never think of the meaning, and people still like names like Cecilia or Claudia that have fairly well known negative meanings...I just couldn't personally go with Orchid. I would still think it was sweet to meet a little girl with the name, I would just also hope she never looked up the meaning...and she might not, I suppose, because she would just assume it means the flower, right? Ack, I'm so sorry if this ruins the name for you at all, I don't want to, I just think it's something I would want to know ahead of time so there's no shocks after you already use it, you know? It's still very pretty!

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    Orchid isn't my favorite, but it's not too bad. Not sure I like it paired with Aurora, though. Seems like a bit of a mouthful
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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    I much prefer Delilah June. Sorry, but I think Orchid is a bit vulgar(not trying to be rude) and too obviously flower-y. Maybe Aurora Orchid?
    Agreed. I also don't find Orchid to be very sophisticated.
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    I think it sounds too flowery even though aurora is not but it reminds me of the princess and the woods with the animals and flowers and orchid sounds like orca to me so what about aurora as a frst name and then a nice flowing middle name like grace so aurora grace or even aurora mae

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    So basically because it means something vulgar it should not be used? I do not mind Delilah but I feel it just becoming way to popular. Plus it is so hard to get my boyfriend to even agree on names its almost like a double edge sword. :/

    He does not like Aurora as a first and Mae is too country sounding in his ears. Plus a close family friend has a daughter named Grace so that is a little weird.
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