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    Really beautiful. Cosmic, even!

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    I really appreciate all of the suggestions and positive feed back! I know the name is not for everyone and may be too much. But I have always danced to the beat of a different drum since I was a little kid lol. It is also hard to get a good response out of him because most names I bring up to my boyfriend he does not love. So this was a total shock and made me super happy.

    I never thought about Orchid as a middle and Aurora as a first but I am not sure I am loving the reverse combo as much as Orchid Aurora. I also see it as people will never be using both her names just her first. I may have to find a name (thinking more into the future) that has the same vibe or in words of the one of the berries punch* like Orchid Aurora. Delilah may be too safe and it seems to becoming more popular.

    What do you berries think?
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    I much prefer Delilah June.. I think that is very beautiful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I love Aurora and I love orchids I just don't like Orchid as a name. I think it lacks a bit of music.
    Aurora Orchid however would be great.

    I am however super psyched for you that he likes it. (Much more important than my opinion!) It's great that you found someone who has a bit of an adventurous side to him that matches yours.
    I agree with lexiem. The fact that your partner likes it too is much more important than the fact that it nms.
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    Orchid Aurora is so beautiful! I love Orchid, and Aurora is one of my favorite names! Delilah June is lovely, but my vote's for Orchid Aurora if you both love it!
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