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Thread: Egg Donation

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    I know two women who have chosen egg donation to help finance their educations. I know that you have to go through extensive screening for family and self (any mental illness or serious disease like asthma despite how easy it might be to control is essentially a complete strike against you), submit standardized test scores, level of education for your age, and certainly pictures. Actually, the agency they went through did the pictures and my friend described it kind of like Glamour Shots (lots of makeup, hair blow out). I know that if your eggs are chosen by a couple to be used, and then you undergo a second retrieval process, you will be paid more for your eggs since you've already demonstrated that they're desirable. You receive payment once your eggs are actually chosen by a couple, and it's usually about 6-7k for first time and 9-10k for second time (this was already nearly a decade ago). It's an extremely long and invasive procedure that involves surgery and incisions. I can see how 7k would be desirable to a 21 year old, but honestly that would pay for maybe half of a decent car? Meh. That is considerably too low a price tag to justify the surgery, health risks, and loss of control in raising the child created with your DNA.

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    Back when I was finishing up undergrad, I remember there being ads in the student paper looking for egg donors. This was in 2001. They were offering $20K! I knew a few girls who did it. One of them had serious complications due to an infection following ovarian hyperstimulation with resulting torsion and ended up losing her future fertility. Another girl did it multiple times and seemed fine, though she gained a lot of weight and had difficulty losing it. She also ended up with terrible acne from the hormones. Another girl was perfectly fine. I don't know anyone who has done it recently, though I have seen ads on Craigslist now offering only $5K for it. So it seems like either they have far more donors now or it has become significantly less risky?

    When we were pursuing fertility treatments, one of the options the clinic offered us was something called an egg share. That means that they would harvest my eggs and another patient who needed eggs would buy a certain number of them. This would then lower the amount that IVF would cost us. We actually were not comfortable doing IVF at all, so it is not something we pursued. But when the doctor told me about this option, I found the whole thing super creepy. The clinic we went to took photos of patients when you started going. I don't know why they did this, I assumed it was a security thing. Anyhow, the photo did not come out very clearly, I suppose. When I met the dr for the first time, he said, Oh! I didn't realize you were white from the photo! Well, what is your IQ? What degrees do you have? And so on and so forth. He was really eager about this egg share option. It felt very eugenics-y to me, as someone mentioned above. I was like, hey, I am here for medical treatment, not to help you create the master race, wacko.

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    I'm pretty sure egg donors in Australia aren't financially compensated at all, which is silly because $20,000 would probably convince quite a few women to donate, and egg donors are apparently very difficult to come by here.
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    @sarahmezz - it's also possible than doctors or places looking for donor eggs in Australia are far more open about the risks that come with the medical procedures of it then the doctors are in the US. $20,000 sounds like a lot, unless you actually look into yourself what the statistics of losing future fertility or suffering somewhat serious complications are - they're much higher than a fertility doctor at a US clinic will usually admit.
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    Thanks for your responses everyone. You gave me a lot to think about. Well most of it I knew anyway, but it's alway good to hear what others are thinking.
    I hadn't realized though how pro-white donation centers can be. I'd definitely need to find a place that is representative (or at least close) to the general population -> super important to me for many reasons. For me it wouldn't be about the money, I'm also on the bone-marrow registry list, and would donate blood if they'd need it (however being AB positive and having had surgery abroad makes blood-banks think I'm not worth the effort except in a state of emergency). It's more about weighing personal risk with potential gain for others.

    Blade do you have any idea where I can find layperson understandable research that is good and not propaganda-like?
    I feel like everything I read seems to be omitting things and I'd love more info before making a decision either way.
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