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    Oren is such a distinguished choice - how absolutely lovely.

    I worked with a girl once with kids 0rrin, Yum@, and I@n. So I'm sure you'll find something perfect for a second child.

    Hebrew names:
    Adina (delicate, gentile), Eliora (god is my light), Hadas (myrtle tree), Nava (beautiful), Shiri (my song), Tahlia (dew from god), Ziva (bright, radiant)

    Alon (oak tree), Aviv (spring), Boaz (swiftness), Elah (oak tree or terebinth tree), Elior (god is my light), Noam (pleasantness), Tomer (palm tree)

    (I just noticed that I seemed to have honed in on a "hebrew tree" theme there. hahaha. )
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    Love the name Oren!

    GIRLS: Lilah, Noa, Sari (1st syllable pronounced "sare," as in the name Sarah. 2nd syllable pronounced "ee."), Tamar, Tikvah

    BOYS: Amiel, Ash, Asher, Eli, Japhy, Jonah, Lev, Liev, Malachy, Obadiah (you could call him "Obie" for short - I think Oren and Obie would make a really cute sibset), Omri, Shai, Tobiah, Tobin
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    Great suggestions everyone, thanks!
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    I have a little Oren too! I like Tobias, Abram Jonah and Nathan for boys. Dalia, Dafna, Talia, Carmel and Marni for girls. Good luck!

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    My first thought was Eyal for a boy, I have a friend from Israel w/ that name and I love it. For girls I love Keziah, Noa and Tirzah, off the top of my head.

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