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    Siblings for Oren

    Starting to think about having a second child. Have any ideas for good sibling names for Oren Isaac? My husband has no ideas and vetos all of mine.

    No first names in the top 100, and bonus points for Hebrew names.
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    My stepson's name is Orrin Chace... We have an Iris Ophelia and will have a Peregrine (Penn) or Aurelia in August if I can stop changing my mind... Other names we liked were Caspar, Arlo, Fern...

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    What kind of vibe are you going for with Oren's sib? Do you want it to start with a vowel? Be two syllables? I could rattle off a dozen Hebrew names for ya, but it'd be better to narrow it down. Personally I love the name Oren, and it's on my own list of maybe-baby names. I like Dalia and Odelia with Oren.

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    I have a friend who has an Oren with older brother Silas. I really like that sibset--Oren and Silas.
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