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    Girl nickname for Connelly

    I guess that we have decided to go with Irish surnames for our children. We named our son Sullivan, nn Sully and now named our daughter Connelly Lucille. I am having a little baby name remorse, but I do still really love the name. The problem is that the nn Nelly is a little too close to Sully. What nickname's can you suggest that begin with the letter "C"? I still want her initials to still be CL_. I hope that I didn't miss different Irish surname that would have fit her better.

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    Coley (my favorite)

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    Connie? Seems obvious to me

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    Maybe just Nell? I don't think they're too close. Nelly and Sully doesn't sound that bad.
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    Maybe Elly/Ellie?

    Actually I didn't really think that through cause you wanted it to start with C, sorry!
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