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    Help with name ideas

    Last name is two syllables and ends with "on". Absolutely can't stand Jayden, Kayden, Brayden, etc....

    I like Finn more than anything else right now. We have loved this name for about a dozen years. if it wasnt for Glee, i dont think I would be second guessing it. Also bouncing Alistair around. Any other ideas? Also like Calvin and Patrick.

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    I don't have any name suggestions, but Finn ____on has a nice rhythm and ring to it. If you really like it, Glee will be off the air in a few years, and I don't think you have to worry about it being a Top 10, every-other-kid-on-the-playground kind of name. Just some wind in your sails, if you need it!

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    That show is still on? Oh well. Didn't know there was a Finn on there anyway. Finn is a good name. I'd suggest Finnian or Finnegan but that might be too rhymey with your last name. I totally love Finn Alistair!

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    I'm going to say that if your surname ends with an ON, probably stay away from first names that end with an N... it tends to kill the flow, and sometimes rhymes.

    Finley __on
    Patrick ___on
    Dante ___on
    Dominic ___on
    Quincy ___on
    Asher ___on
    Anders ___on
    Levi ___on
    Lucas ___on
    Marcus ____on
    Wilder ____on
    Lars ___on
    Jude ____on
    Reid ___on
    Ross ____on
    Julius ____on
    Everett ___on
    Emrys ___on
    Sterling ___on
    Griffith ____on
    Heath ____on
    Hugh ___on
    Callum ____on
    Cyrus ____on
    Darius ____on
    Forrest ____on
    Frederick ____on
    Hugh ____on
    Jasper ___on
    Josiah ___on
    Judah ___on
    Amos ___on
    Micah ___on
    Malachy ___on
    Kai ____on
    Nicholas ___on
    Nathaniel ___on
    Tate ___on
    Davis ___on
    Trevor ___on
    Wesley ___on
    Wallace ___on
    Rourke ___on
    Xavier ___on
    Anthony ___on
    Alec ___on
    Alexander ___on
    Abraham ___on
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