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    We always knew we would name our first daughter Madelyn Esther, after our grandmothers. A couple of years before she was born, our best friend's sister named her daughter Madeline. I wouldn't have used it if our friend had actually used it, but since I don't know his sister that well and she lives in a different state, we used it anyway.

    So it would depend on how much the name meant to me. Madelyn meant a lot because it was my grandmother's name.
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    My faves are my faves just because they are rare in my country. If friend or just somebody I know named his/her child Melisande or Melisend I would not name my child Melisande. If somebody from other city named his/her child Melisande, I don't know what would I do. But name would loose it's charm.
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    I'd say no to the first two and depends on the acquaintance with the third (is this an acquaintance I sometimes work with or a friend of many of my friends who I just am not friend with? - yes to the first; no to the second).

    However, if someone were really to use my all time favorite name and my SO and I couldn't decide on anything else I'd have a hard time deciding.
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    Even if I really loved a name I would not name my baby after an friend who lives in the same city/town has named her child.
    I also feel the same about not naming my baby after an a friend who lives further away has named her child. Though I feel it's okay to use the same name as an acquaintance of yours has named her child.
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    - a friend who lives in the same city/town has named her child


    - a friend who lives futher away has named her child

    Maybe, if it is a common name (let's say in the top 50 or so)

    - an acquaintance of yours has named her child

    Yes, but only if it is a fairly common name (let's say in the top 150 or so)

    Hope you don't mind if I add some other questions along the same lines:

    - a non-sibling relative of yours (cousin or more distant) has named his/her child

    Yes, I did this. One of my sons shares a name with one of my first cousin's sons. I rarely ever see him (and also have about 30 first cousins so avoiding overlap is actually tricky). It's also a relatively common name.

    - a co-worker has named his/her child

    Maybe. I considered doing this but ruled out the name (Jasper). If I'd really loved it, I would have done it regardless of the co-worker's son, though.

    - a name shared by one of your own friends (although your child wouldn't be named after that friend per se)

    Yes, I did this. One of my sons has the same name as one of my good friends from university. I only see him once in a blue moon now, though. Again, it is a fairly common name so I don't find it strange. Similarly, my husband has a good friend with a young son who shares my husband's (also fairly common) name, and it's never seemed odd.
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