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    Please help naming after my parents

    I'm expecting and want to name after my deceased parents, Pnina Leah z"l and Asher Ze'ev z"l. Looking for names with similar meanings and/or slight change of spelling.
    My favorite names (most of which don't include the above criteria!) are:

    Sapir, Margalit, Liya, Meital, Liron
    Golan, Ari, Eli, Elias, Elijah, Lior

    Siblings are Ezra & Noah

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    Well since Penina means Pearl have you considered that (or any of its Anglo names tied to it like Margaret, Daisy)? It's one of my faves. Penina is also similar to Anina in sound but means "answer my prayer." Penina can also means Coral, and I particularly love Coralie and Coraline. I know your other kiddos have traditional, Old Testament names so I will try to stay focused. Peniniya sounds similar, although it's a mouthful and actually means hen.

    Leah, Lea, and Laya are classics and would sound very nice with siblings. I also like the name Lilah which is obviously not related in meaning- just pretty.

    Asher is a white hot name so I think using it outright is a great option. Zev is a great name too! I really love this name actually. In keeping with an animal theme, you could keep the Z and go with Zvi, or keep the V and go with Dov. Wolfgang or Wolfram would be other options. I like the names Zimriya and Zeva, too.

    From your list I like Sapir(a) and Ari the best.

    Cheers! xPoppy

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