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    My new short(ish) list-opinions?

    In no particular order...

    Silvia- I like that it's a nature name (meaning is 'she of the forest') with a slight vintage feel, It's also an ancient Roman name, plus there's the nicknames Silvie and Sil. And of course I just like the sound.

    Lark- this might flow better as a mn though


    Charlotte- after my great grandmother


    Adair- I used to have this on my boys list but I thought it fit better with my mn's for girls, etc.



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    Silvia- I do like the meaning too. I'm not a fan of the name itself though, but I do understand why some people love it.

    Lark- I ADORE Lark as a middle name! There are so many beautiful combinations that this name creates.

    Gwyneira- If you're pronouncing this gwyn-EYE-ra, I'm not a fan. However, if it's gwyn-AIR-a, I like the lilting and airy sound.

    Charlotte- How could someone go wrong with this name? It's always a lovely choice!

    Acacia- I don't love this. I think it's pretty out there as a first name... But hey, you probably have more name-courage than I do!

    Adair- I think Adair is really, really pretty. I couldn't imagine it on a little boy, but it'd be lovely on a little pink bundle.

    Gwenivere- For the full effect, I'd spell it Guinevere.

    Athene- I like this, but I'm not in love with it. I can picture a woman with the name, but I don't know about a toddler.
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    I prefer Sylvia to Silvia, but Sylvie in my alround favourite. Although bird names are growing on me I can't quite get behind Lark, I prefer Dove or Swan. I have never seen Gwyneira and would have no idea how to pronounce it, I think simple Gwyn is much nicer. I've had an unreasonable hatred of Charlotte since I was very little, but it's nice that it honours someone. Acacia and Adair I have never seen in real life, I neither like the look nor sound of them. Gwenivere looks horrible, Guinevere is the better spelling, I love it a lot and it is on my list. Athene is nice, but I prefer Athena much more.
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    I love Gwyneira and Adair. You have a very nice list, but Silvia and Charlotte seem quite dull compared to all the other choices. I also think Lark would be better in the middle.
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    Silvia- I love this, although it makes me think of Sylvia Browne (not such a nice connection). I love the vintage feel, and it would mature nicely.

    Lark- I would only use this as a mn. Sylvia Lark is nice...

    Gwyneira- Too close to gonorrhea for me.

    Charlotte- This one is nice, but very common.

    Acacia- Love. This is one of those nature names that doesn't cross into hippy territory. I can actually see it fitting an adult, not only a child. I just wouldn't pair this with Lark... it would be overkill.

    Adair- Much too boyish. I think of this on a very rough and tumble boy... If you use it, put it as a mn, so she has the option to hide it (esp. should it become popular for boys).

    Gwenivere- I like Guinevere a lot better... This spelling looks like you're trying too hard. I just can't get past the story of Guinevere. I mean, she cheated on her husband... so the most famous thing about this name is a woman who cheated on her husband...

    Athene- Not a fan.

    Acacia, Silvia, and Lark (as a mn).
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