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    New faves, new list!!!

    Started over out of frustration! Still have a few of the same names, but also some new ones! Having our 4th girl in September, so at least we have plenty of time to decide! Siblings are Isabell, Delilah and Piper. Which goes with these three the best?! Idk about middles yet!! I had three to choose from, but have started over with them too lol. It will be a family name for sure! Possibly: Diane, Lee, Noel, Ann or Irene.

    Cordelia (I LOVE this name and dh likes, but our families hate it!!)
    Sasha (probably my fav name right now!)

    So, what does everyone think?! And, if y'all think of any other names that would go well in our sibset, feel free to share!

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    I like
    Georgia Lee (my fave with siblings)
    Felicity Diane
    Arianna Noel (prefer Noelle spelling though!)

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    Thanks! My husband loves the name Arianna! I do too, i think I would call her Aria. Georgia is one of my faves, especially since we live in the south! Felicity, I love, but my grandmother has trouble saying it lol, so I would have to think of a good nn!

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