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    What would you put in between Sophie and Eden?

    Last name is Ellis. Using names from this list, or your own suggestions, what name would you put in between Sophie and Eden?

    Thank you in advance
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    I was kind of struggling thinking of names that flowed in the order you wanted, so I switched them up when applicable.

    Sophie Agnes Eden Ellis
    Sophie Beatrice Eden Ellis
    Sophie Olivia Eden Ellis
    Sophie Eden Claire Ellis
    Sophie Caroline Eden Ellis
    Sophie Paloma Eden Ellis
    Sophie Octavia Eden Ellis
    Sophie Eden Faith Ellis
    Sophie Eden Therese Ellis

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    Sophie Juniper Eden Ellis
    Sophie Willa Eden Ellis
    Sophie Scarlett Eden Ellis
    Sophie Mae Eden Ellis
    Sophie Katya Eden Ellis
    Sophie Hazel Eden Ellis
    Sophie Coraline Eden Ellis
    Sophie Alaska Eden Ellis or (I think this looks better) Sophie Eden Alaska Ellis - because of the double E's from Eden Ellis, I prefer Eden in the second spot for most (if not all) of the names.
    Sophie Eden Aurora Ellis
    Sophie Eden Viviana Ellis
    Sophie Eden Araminta Ellis
    Sophie Eden Phoebe Ellis
    Sophie Wilhelmina Eden Ellis
    Sophie Maeve Eden Ellis
    Sophie Eden Sylvie Ellis

    Most names that don't end in the "ie", "en", and "is" sounds work! Also, I'd steer clear of names that start with an E. Three names starting with E's is a lot.
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    Sophie ____ Eden Ellis
    I'd choose something a little longer. I think it helps the flow and prevents the combo from sounding very staccato-like.

    Sophie Tatiana Eden Ellis
    Sophie Ottilie Eden Ellis
    Sophie Genevieve Eden Ellis
    Sophie Morgana Eden Ellis
    Sophie Wilhelmina Eden Ellis
    Sophie Fiammetta Eden Ellis

    PS: Some of the names on your list like Genevieve and Tatiana are repeated.
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