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    Due in less than a week!

    Baby is due in less than a week, and we still have no settled name for either gender. I'd be fine to wait and decide once baby is here, but Papa wants to know ahead of time. Our top two contenders for a boy are Benedict and Leo. Husband prefers Benedict; I like Leo but worry that it's becoming too common. We don't want "Ben" as a nickname - we'd use Benedict in full with Ned as a fallback if husband's family insists on a nickname (kind of their thing). The middle name will probably be William. So, what do you think? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!

    ETA: Our daughter is Elisabeth Marie (Betty), if that helps.
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    javad Guest
    I like Leo a lot (as well as pretty much all the other 'Leo' related names. I think Lionel NN Leo would be my absolute favorite of the bunch). I don't like Benedict much at all (partially because of my Chinese connection, where 'ben' means stupid and partially because, to me, it sounds like 'Ben, a dick' or 'Ben addict' to me.). Of the 'Ben' names, I think I prefer Bennett, but then you don't get the Ned NN. Ned would be a cool NN for Benedict though, but keep in mind, that once he gets to school age, there's a good chance Ben would become adopted as a NN anyway (it may end up being unavoidable). So hopefully you don't hate the NN Ben.

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    Leo. While kids will find a way to make fun of any name, I think javad has a good point with the particularly cruel names that can be made with Benedict.
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    karacavazos Guest
    I'd love a Leo Benedict, but I wouldn't use Benedict as a first name. (Even though I have to admit that I voted for it above. I do like it more than Leo, but the other posters have a point.) Leo William is nice.

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    Are you American? I prefer Benjamin, Benton, Benson, and Bennett to Benedict. I STRONGLY associate Benedict with Benedict Arnold, the famous traitor in the American Revolution. When I was a child, "Benedict Arnold" was synonymous with "traitor" and "turncoat". So, we actually used to call someone a "Benedict Arnold" as an insult. I love the nn Ben (even though I, like Javad live in China... my grandpa was named Beniamino nn Ben, so I already had a positive association pre-China), but I'd prefer any other Ben name...
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