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    Leroy - just a good dog's name or could it be used for a boy?

    I met a dog at the park today named Leroy - and I think I like the name. Roy would be cute for short. What do you think? Is it usable for a boy or really just a good dog's name?

    Mom to Claire Roseline (3) and Ross Thomas (1)
    Expecting #3 in August

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    Sep 2012
    I love it. Cheerful, funky, and regal somehow all at once.

    It makes me think of "Hey Leroy! Your mama! She callin' you man!"

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    May 2012
    My boyfriend's middle name is Leroy, and there are funny remarks about it all the time. I don't find it horrible, though. There are two pronunciations that I've heard, Leh-ROY and LEE-Roy. Which did you have in mind? The first seems less dog-like but the latter is more standard.

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    I'm thinking LEE-Roy.
    Mom to Claire Roseline (3) and Ross Thomas (1)
    Expecting #3 in August

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    I think it's a good name. It's my husband's grandfather's name. I don't want to use it myself but I'd love to meet a little Leroy.

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