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    A sweet boy joining our two little ladies..

    We just found out we're expecting a boy this November and could NOT be more excited!! We have our Addison Renee (3 1/2) and Delaney Marie (2) two girlie girls, so we know we're in for a change with a little man joining the group... Now what to name him?!? We love that Addie and Lainey nickname well from their longer names and also that they have the same amount of numbers in both of their names (sort of lame, I know) So we definitely want a longer name for our boy to shorten to a nickname.. Irish names sort of stand out to me, but nothing too far off the beaten path or difficult with pronunciation... Our middle name will likely be Wesley/Wesly (after daddy) and our current front runners are Grayson, Cohen, Conner, Lincoln, Declan, and Graham.. Would love thoughts on those and input on new names that could fit our bill!! Thanks in advance!

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    My favourites from your list are Graham and Conner. Graham Wesley is a very handsome name!

    More names you might like:


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    I love Lincoln Wesley. Adorable!

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    I would avoid Grayson since your older daughter Addison has the same ending sound - 'son'.

    Declan Wesley and Graham Wesley are my favorites. I also like Finnegan Wesley nn Finn. Patrick Wesley is rather nice as well.
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    Shoot never thought of the -son ending paw... I love Finnegan..hubs doesn't get it... What about Landon..or Hudson?!?

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