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    "Bomb" for a Last Name

    My husband and I are expecting our first child. It's a boy! I have had a list of baby boy names going since I was 14 and two years ago my husband read it and loved the name "Landon." We have been referring to our unborn child since than as Landon and we are in love with the name. I can't find another that I love as much.
    The problem is our last name is Baum which is pronounced like "bomb." We're nervous that he'll be teased because his name would sound like "land on bomb" or "landing bomb."
    Should I keep the name I love and risk it? Or is this just too cruel?

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    It seems like kind of a stretch to me. I think Landon Baum sounds just fine!

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    It probably won't be an issue as:

    1. Landon is pronounced Land-en
    2. Baum is pronounced B-ow-m not b-aw-m

    I never would have thought of Land on Bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irmgard+theodorian View Post
    2. Baum is pronounced B-ow-m not b-aw-m.
    I think she knows how to pronounce her own last name O_o The OP said it was pronounced 'bomb'.

    Sorry OP. I totally hear 'land on bomb' when I say it :/

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    Landon Baum doesn't sound bad to me at all. I wouldn't pronounce Landon as Land on, its more like Land-en or Land-in. I know you say Baum is pronounced like "bomb" but is it really that blunt? I would have said "boh-m". "Lan-din Boh-m" is handsome. I wouldn't let it worry you. But if "Land on bomb" is really the pronunciation, use Landon as the middle name and choose another first name.

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