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    It makes me think of Lindenbaum (like Schubert's lieder song.) Not a bad association at all. I think "land on bomb" is a stretch. Besides, what does it mean? You can land ON a land-mine, but not on a bomb.

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    I don't think that "landing bomb" is necessarily a bad thing - it could also be used in a "he's the bomb" sort of way.
    Though very unfortunate should you have a heavier child.

    I don't hear it when I pronounce the name but I would pronounce your last name B-oww-M (as it is german for tree).
    However, if you think that where you live people would think Land on Bomb I'd consider using it as a mn or choosing a similar name instead.
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    When I was in college, there were 2 guys who lived in the same hall named Landon and Logan... Everyone called them "Land on" and "Log on"... I do realize that's not the proper pronunciation of either name, but it's not a very big stretch... I mean, we made that connection. I don't think this would probably be a problem until he was in high school or so, as it's not as in-your-face... I do agree with lexiem that it would be most unfortunate if he's obese. I sympathize, as many names that I've loved since my childhood (Asher, Caspar, Cyrus, Darius, Julius, etc.) simply don't work with my married name. It's really a bummer...
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    I do hear 'Landing bomb' when I say the name - I don't know whether it's accent differences in how Landon is said, I say it more as Land-un (a very short final vowel syllable, close to how I say London) which to me sounds pretty close to the way I say 'landing'. And if you pronounce Baum like bomb, then I'd say it's a bit too close. If you pronounced your surname Bowm I'd say you could have got away with it, but Bomb I wouldn't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I think she knows how to pronounce her own last name O_o The OP said it was pronounced 'bomb'.

    Sorry OP. I totally hear 'land on bomb' when I say it :/
    I agree with renrose. I have never liked Landon because it sounds like landing or land on.

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