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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Is this normal?

    I'm due in six weeks so i'm feeling some pressure to pick a name. My husband and I used a method for narrowing down our lists that I believe originated with the Baby Name Wizard blog we assigned points to one another's lists and chose the two names that scored highest with both votes added together. The two names we narrowed to are Frederick North and Dominic Wolfgang. My problem is that I cannot choose between these names. Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones but one week it seems like Frederick is THE ONE and the next week I think there is no way I can pull the trigger on that name. There are bound to be plenty of people that just don't get it and as much as that shouldn't bother me sometimes it just does. That's when I start thinking that Dominic (my husband's pick) is safer and a cute name and that maybe I'll love it when it's attached to my son. Then I start thinking how much I dislike the nickname Dom and panic sets in and I think, would I have major name regret? I have been thinking on this for weeks now so maybe I've over thought it. Is it normal to feel so divided or is this a sign that I should go back to the drawing board and consider new names?

    Maybe part of of all this is that I'm really grieving my first two choices Edmund and Thaddeus, neither of which my husband would consider.

    Sorry for the rambling but did any one else out there go through this?

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    Oh Thaddeus is maahvelous!
    But Frederick can be nicknamed Fritz! Doesn't Fritz just take the cake? Frederick North is a lovely combination.
    Dominic is dark and handsome. There's always Nick... or Doc!

    You can't go wrong. Sorry you're all in a muddle. :-(

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    I haven't but do you really have to decide before going to the hospital?
    I think taking two - four choices with you and deciding on "the" name when you "meet" your kiddo is perfectly okay.
    (With four you could add your guilty pleasure name and his.)
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    I think all of your names are wonderful, but this is you and your husbands decision, and I can't stress enough how important it is that you choose the name you love. I know when you're two it can be difficult, but you don't want to sit there a few months or years after feeling that you chose the wrong name. By now you're all hormones, I don't think introducing new names at this point is wise (it wasn't for me anyway, it made me all dizzy and I stumbled).

    I think taking the names to the hospital is a good idea, do you have to choose the name before you're discharged in the states (assuming that's where you are)? If not, you can always mull it over for a few days. See what he feels like. My aunt took almost five months to choose her son's name.

    Name regret is not fun at all, so I advice you to tread carefully.
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    I am in the EXACT same shoes, with 6 1/2 weeks to go. I have 2 top choices (and a few runners-up, and a few wild cards in the back of my mind...). I am trying desperately to choose, but it's soooo hard. I am a big time planner, and going to the hospital without a decision is scary to me. BUT the more I think about, it makes so much more sense than naming a person you haven't even met. I am starting to think maybe it's best to wait and hopefully avoid name regret :/

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