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  • Lilla, Vivienne, Elinor, Felicity, Caroline , Adelaide

    10 33.33%
  • Lilla, Vivienne, Elinor, Felicity, Charlotte, Adelaide

    11 36.67%
  • Lilla, Vivienne, Eleanor, Penelope, Scarlett, Evangeline

    9 30.00%
  • Lilla, Vivienne, Eleanor, Penelope, Charlotte, Evangeline

    11 36.67%
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    They're all nice, but I would really like Lilla, Vivienne, Elinor/Eleanor, Penelope, Scarlett, & Adelaide as a sibset. I personally don't get a vintage or southern belle vibe from Felicity and Evangeline.
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    I like Lilla, Vivienne, Eleanor, Penelope, Charlotte, Evangeline best out of the sibsets.
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    Penelope and Evangeline don't seem as southern belle to me as the others. I voted for Lilla, Vivienne, Elinor, Felicity, Charlotte, and Adelaide.
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    Personally, I wouldn't consider Lilla or Scarlett vintage or Penelope particularly Southern but that's just my opinion.

    I love Evangeline, Charlotte, Felicity, Caroline and Eleanor (this name doesn't strike me as Southern either though). Since Charlotte and Caroline are both female versions of Charles, I wouldn't have them in the same sibset. I slightly prefer Charlotte.
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