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    Quote Originally Posted by fiammetta View Post
    Julius is absolutely handsome and I LOVE Jules on a boy. Angelo is also lovely, but for my demographic, very VERY Italian - a name that hasn't broken the barrier yet - but maybe that's different where you are?
    Exactly this. Being Italian-American, I can't really say that I love Angelo. I have a distant cousin named Angelo, and I categorize it with Vinny as names that I associate with Italian mafia sorts of guys. So while I can see the appeal of Angelo, I can never really come to like it. Moreover, there are no good nicknames for Angelo... Angel? :P Yuck. Julius is wonderful and regal, plus Jules is a great nickname. I love Julius with your other kids... but I'll pass on Angelo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    *fist pump* The Ottilie seal of approval!
    Haha, yeah, you've got my approval! But when do you not? Your names are amazing!!!
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    I'm loving BOTH! Angelo is to die for! Yes, Italian, but definitely wearable. I think it sounds just fine with Matilda and Iris. I agree with Ottilie, they're all different, but something about it just works. As for Julius, I think, stylistically, it goes better with Matilda and Iris. I think Jules is more masculine so it works for me. Great names, Augusta!!
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