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    Casey -- DO IT! Pick Frederick!

    I haven't read everyone's responses, but I have to say that I was in exactly the same position a little over three months ago. I was 38 weeks pregnant and really loved the name Frederik/Frederick, but I just wasn't sure I could do it. Was it too crusty? Too old man? Would my family hate it?

    But I kept thinking about it and feeling pangs of envy when I heard of other little boys with the name. Our back up choice Nicholas just felt so "blah". I couldn't get Frederik out of my head.

    In the end we did go with Frederik (spelled the Danish/northern German way, since my husband is German), and I have absolutely zero regrets. Our little Frederik is exactly 3 months old today and his name suits him perfectly. I love it! And if other people don't like it, they've been kind enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

    Good luck with the delivery and deciding on a name!
    mother to Louisa (born 11/22/2010) and Frederik (born 2/19/2013)

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