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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Casey -- DO IT! Pick Frederick!

    I haven't read everyone's responses, but I have to say that I was in exactly the same position a little over three months ago. I was 38 weeks pregnant and really loved the name Frederik/Frederick, but I just wasn't sure I could do it. Was it too crusty? Too old man? Would my family hate it?

    But I kept thinking about it and feeling pangs of envy when I heard of other little boys with the name. Our back up choice Nicholas just felt so "blah". I couldn't get Frederik out of my head.

    In the end we did go with Frederik (spelled the Danish/northern German way, since my husband is German), and I have absolutely zero regrets. Our little Frederik is exactly 3 months old today and his name suits him perfectly. I love it! And if other people don't like it, they've been kind enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

    Good luck with the delivery and deciding on a name!
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    I think you should keep both names till the baby arrives then you can chose which one he suits the best. Frederick and Dominic are lovely name so don't worry. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannebella View Post
    I think you should keep both names till the baby arrives then you can chose which one he suits the best. Frederick and Dominic are lovely name so don't worry. Good luck.
    This! and in answer to your original question: yes, it's totally normal. we were discussing names on way to the hospital to be induced at 41wks with DS#2 Hang in there and good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karacavazos View Post
    It is hard for me to relate because we had our son's name picked out 2 years before he was born and it never once fell out of our #1 spot. We knew we'd have a son with this name someday, we just had to wait for him to arrive. The name was set in stone and it suits him perfectly and we have zero regret. However... we cannot seem to fall in love with anything for #2. We were SO sure the first time that now its hard to set something in stone the same way again. Naming is serious business! Hormones don't help, but I know you can do it!

    All I can suggest is what others have said. Meditate on them, try them out loud by "using them" as if you were calling him for dinner or something. I've even heard of people using the name themselves to see how it would feel to own that name, hard to do with the opposite gender, but maybe your husband can wear the names for a couple days each; order a Starbucks as Dominic. If it sounds super silly to you, maybe the name isn't right. I don't know. Mull it over in your mind and try to feel what is in your heart. If that doesn't work, just wait until you meet him. He might come out looking exactly like a Dominic and you couldn't imagine having chosen Frederick. Or vice versa. Or maybe your husband will gasp, "He is totally an Edmund Thaddeus!!"

    You can do it! Don't doubt your gut! Good luck!
    Exactly this... Take your time and relax. Have a few names in hand, and once you meet him you'll hopefully have a better idea of which name fits.
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    Thanks everyone your reassurances have been very helpful! I think I just needed to hear someone say it's okay not to be sure at this point and that Frederick is as great of a name as I think it is!

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