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Thread: Is this normal?

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    It is hard for me to relate because we had our son's name picked out 2 years before he was born and it never once fell out of our #1 spot. We knew we'd have a son with this name someday, we just had to wait for him to arrive. The name was set in stone and it suits him perfectly and we have zero regret. However... we cannot seem to fall in love with anything for #2. We were SO sure the first time that now its hard to set something in stone the same way again. Naming is serious business! Hormones don't help, but I know you can do it!

    All I can suggest is what others have said. Meditate on them, try them out loud by "using them" as if you were calling him for dinner or something. I've even heard of people using the name themselves to see how it would feel to own that name, hard to do with the opposite gender, but maybe your husband can wear the names for a couple days each; order a Starbucks as Dominic. If it sounds super silly to you, maybe the name isn't right. I don't know. Mull it over in your mind and try to feel what is in your heart. If that doesn't work, just wait until you meet him. He might come out looking exactly like a Dominic and you couldn't imagine having chosen Frederick. Or vice versa. Or maybe your husband will gasp, "He is totally an Edmund Thaddeus!!"

    You can do it! Don't doubt your gut! Good luck!

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    I feel your pain. I go from one boy's name to another. Somedays one name is definitely "the one", the next day it isn't. Some days my partner tells me he now loves the one name I used to adore, but that he nixed months ago so I had totally let go of. We go round and round.

    I think it's normal to be undecided at this point if you still have several choices. We were able to get our girl's name set, so that has given me some relief, but we've never had THE boy's name and still don't. The other problem is that I am still coming across new names that seem to be contenders.

    I guess my advice is (this is like the blind leading the blind here) this: Do either of your names have any sort of family significance? I am finding that to be the one factor that helps me sift and sort my options. It has been the deciding factor for the girl's name and the boy's middle name. The other suggestion is to double check that your husband still is vetoing Thaddeus and Edmund. Men are fickle creatures. They tend to change their minds and opinions on names even more than we might. Finally, I would try not to stress about it too much. It may be the type of decision that decides itself once your son is here. With all of that said, I do agree with Ottilie to tread carefully and be very clear within yourself before you commit to a name. And that is sooooo difficult to do with all of these hormones running through our bodies

    Good luck! You have great choices, and I think that your son will have a fantastic name no matter what you decide upon. Can't wait to see.
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    Both Frederick and Dominic are excellent names! You can't go wrong!

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    We're still stuck, and I'm due this week! For what it's worth, I think Dominic is a great name but LOVE Frederick North.

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    I understand what your going through! I brought a few names to the hospital with me but had one name that always spoke to my heart as number one and so happy I went with my instincts! It sounds like Edmund and Frederick are the names you love. I don't think your husbands picks will ever grow on you. Also great names but they don't seem to speak to your heart. Maybe try and explain this to your husband? Worth a shot! And good luck!!
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