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    Lorelai Rush is an awesome name. And I'm usually a Catherine/Elizabeth kinda girl.

    Definitely not Rory. Rory Rush, as mentioned by pp, is really difficult to say.
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    Definitely Lorelai, Lorelai Rush sound amazing! Rory doesn't work well with the surname and the other names I like, but they're not as magical as Lorelai.

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    I really like Catherine, Caroline, and Elizabeth. However, Catherine and Elizabeth have so many adorable nicknames I think people would be hard pressed not to use them. If you really do not want to use a nickname, I think Caroline is the best choice. Caroline Rush is beautiful.

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    Thank you everyone! You have certainly helped us narrow it down to three:

    Lorelei Rush
    Caroline Rush
    Elizabeth Rush

    We will be choosing middle names later.

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    Personally I would not go with Elizabeth if you don't want to use nicknames. My niece is Elizabeth and her parents were adamant that they would not be shortening it. But she at age 10 she gets Lizbeth, Liddy-Beth, Liz, Lilly, Lilabet, etc from family and friends. She chose Lilly as a nickname for school as otherwise she was getting Lizzy which she doesn't like. It's a name that is made for shortening!

    On the other hand if you are not particularly against nicknames but just not planning on shortening it yourself, then any of the above are gorgeous (have to note a personal preference for Lorelei which is adorable and one that has been vetoed by my hubby so I'm happy to see such a lovely name being used by others

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