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    Please Help Me Choose- Baby Girl First Name

    Please help me choose our first child's (a girl) first name. Our last name is Rush. We will be calling them by the full first name an not shortening them. Thanks!!!


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    I'm always a fan of Catherine (though I prefer Katherine), Caroline, Elizabeth and Lorelei! I'm not a fan of Rory... It's far too R-heavy with your surname. In my opinion, Elizabeth Rush is the best. May I also suggest Anastasia, Veronica and Penelope?
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    I love Lorelei Catherine/Katherine. Rory would be a cure nickname for Lorelei.

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    Caroline. I love it and it has the least chance of other people shortening it to something. There are no obvious nicknames for it.

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    Will baby girl have a middle name? That would also play a factor into what her first name would be. Or will you be picking a middle name to go with the first?

    With my oldest 2, we picked a middle that went with the first. With my 3rd, both names were picked together. With my hypothetical future daughter, we picked the middle and picking a first to go with that.

    Anyhow.. I like all those names besides Rory. I am an Elizabeth and my parents didn't want to shorten my name either, but everyone calls me Liz or Lizzy anyway.
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