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    Quote Originally Posted by namelover77 View Post
    Oh, Ottilie, you are an absolute darling. You don't have to go to any trouble.
    No trouble sweets. We have weekly phone dates. So I asked my friend what Maëlys' little friends (aka babies at playgroups) are called, and here goes: Agnès, Alix, Élodie, Eva, Juliette, Justine, Line, Ninon, Sophie, Zoé. She said the two trends she's noticed is grandma names (as someone mentioned) and short and simple names.
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    Wow! You guys were really helpful, as always!

    @lucialucentum- It's unfortunate that they don't use Eleanor, but I do love Élinor!

    @ashthedreamer- I adore Juliette, and now I know to avoid top 20 names. Thanks!

    @namelover28- Those are some lovely names! I particularly adore Marie-Maxime, Ariane, Appoline, and Margot.

    @serenruby- I never saw the royal names section of Meuilleurs Prenoms. I fell in love with Marguerite on sight! Thank you!

    @caroline147- Alma is a lovely name! You have a very well-named family. I also adore Clémence, which I hadn't considered before.

    @ottilie- Thanks! I particularly love Agnès, Alix, Juliette, Ninon and Zoé.

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