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    I know an Aliénor, and Éléonore seems to be the most popular spelling in France, but Élinor, Eléonor, and Elénore are all used (Elénore only has 3 uses, though).
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    A lot of French chic names here (Isabelle, Genevieve, Aurelie, Caroline, Nathalie, Amelie, Charlotte, etc.) are really quite dated there, from what I've heard. I'm not French, have never been there, but my best friend was French, and before she passed away we talked about names quite a lot. Her sister and I still talk about names now. She says that Juliette is coming back into style there--it's quite an old-fashioned name, and grandma names there are as chic in France as grandma names here are.

    My friend's sister's cousin has three girls--Agnes, Violette, and Daphne--and I think those are all semi-chic there, as well. I know of other babies named Ysaline and Avelaine and Clementine (clay-mahn-teen), but I'm not sure if they're just really unusual, or chic-and-unusual. I'm sorry, I really have no ideas to suggest how to find names that are chic there, I've just always gone off of what my friends have said.

    I do know that random word names, like Elle and Jolie and Belle and Soleil, etc. aren't used in France at all and the French pretty much find them absurd to be in use. And Cosette is considered fairly ridiculous and teaseworthy, as well. And a lot of the popular names there (Emma, Lola, Chloe, Zoe, Manon, Lilou, etc.) are considered ridiculously cutesy and somewhat trashy, and a French berry definitely wouldn't be suggesting them if there was a Nameberry for France.

    Good luck!
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    Names of people I have heard of in France (mostly student-age): Flandrine, Fantine, Charlotte, Marie-Charlotte, Marie-Maxime, Eléonore, Maïlys, Stéphanie, Marie, Hortense, Camille, Rosa, Julie, Jennifer, Jessica, Pauline, Nathalie, Eva, Morgan, Cécile, Clémence, Lucie, Ariane, Amélie, Myriam, Carmen, Axelle, Laura, Moïra, Ambre, Victoire, Eponine, Angèle, Appoline, Léa, Margot, Sarah, Astrid, Louison...
    It's hard to tell what's considered "chic" though.
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    I'm french so I'll be following this thread to see what people say I do find it a difficult question to answer from scratch. I'd have to get my french baby naming book but I'm not going home for more than a month. It gives a bit of a feel for which names are bourgeois and chic.

    I think ashthedreamer is spot on though very good analysis. And I agree with lucialucentum, Éléonore is the most common of those names.

    Do steer clear of the top 20 names, I mean of course this advice sounds obvious but really those names sound very common and meh. I would say a sure-fire way to find a "chic" name in france is to use a very classic name, or royal name (not Louis though, that is way overused here), something that has been underused for a while because it is old. (a couple of lists to start off with ). I suppose one could analyse what this says about french people but we really value these classic things, they have this aura of quality as opposed to modern quantity.

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    My super chic French cousins just had a little Alma, who is so beautiful, to go with sister Léonie. Other, slightly older, children from my French side of the family are Clémence, Noémi, Jules, Emma (don't think this is very chic over there now though) and Victor.

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