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    I like Rosemary! I am a big fan of the rose names.
    The only Rosemary I know is a lady, probably in late 40s, and she goes by Rosemary. No nicknames.
    I don't know what her middle name is - sorry.
    Juniper is cute, but too trendy for my taste. I would use it for a cat or dog. Junia is pretty for a girl. I do like Junie as a nickname.
    Sparrow is also really too modern for me, but I do have a thing for Starling.
    January is cool! It is my birth month, so maybe that is whyI like it.
    Coraline is a fave of mine! I would use it as a full name and not shorten it to Cora. I like Caroline and it isn't usually shortened. I don't think Coraline should be either.
    Betsy is adorable! My taste is more vintage, so Betsy appeals to me. You might like Bettina, Elisabetta/Elizabetta, Isabetta. They have "bet" in them, so Betsy could work as a mn for any of them. I like Bette. (Like Bette Midler)
    Sylvie and Stella are sweet. I like them.
    Hazel is one vintage name that I just don't like the sound of. It's too harsh.
    Alice is lovely. Someone suggested Rosemary Alice, which sounds nice. Other middle name suggestions: June, Pearl, Adele, Evelyn, Eloise, Lark, Honor, Quinn

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