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    Sasha is one of those nicknames that works for anything.

    First thought is Aurelius Ismael nn Eli (it contains Eli, in the middle) and nn Sasha (if Sasha can work for Alexander, why not Aurelius?)
    Alexander - gives you Sasha and Ali (close enough to Eli) Alexander Ismael is handsome!
    Spell Ismael Esmail (traditional Arabic way) and you have Eli as a nickname built in (all three letters inside the name) ...Alexander Esmail nn Sasha or Eli

    Will you adopt him? Since you won't have a biological link to him, why not give him your surname?
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    Elliot Sasha Sullivan is a great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolsannyjack View Post
    So I'm gonna bring up Elliot Sasha Sullivan when we meet Jackson. So we have a biblical name with the nick name Eli and Sasha in it. I wouldn't have thought of longer versions of Eli. But there are so many variations of Elijah. Thank you so much. If the co-parents love this name as much as I do, it should be fix. In fact, Elliot was a name, I liked very much in my childhood.
    Glad you liked the idea of a longer version of Eli - I hope everyone else likes it too.
    And while complicated I've just taken to imagining your family as a variation of the "Friends" Ross-Carol-Susan or the "Grey's Anatomy" Sloan-Torres-Arizona family models. (Polyamorous relationship with 7 other people, while super intriguing, would feel very complicated to me.)
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