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    Three parents means three opinions, means HOW DO WE NAME THE KID?

    We, that's Sandra, Jackson and me (Carol), are 'slightly divided' when it comes to baby names. We don't want to know the gender of the tiny human, yet. That's why we discuss boys' and girls' names. There are two possible last names, too. If it's a girl, we are probably naming her Josephine. After my mother and Sandra's grand-grandmother. So is it
    Josephine Sasha Sullivan? - with the father's last name
    Josephine Sasha Weber? - with mom's last name
    My surname isn't an option, 'cause, officially, it's not even my kid.
    But the major problem are boys' names. We haven't found any compromise, yet. Sandra, no matter what, wants a Sasha, Jack goes for Eli, while I'd like Ismael. I'm gonna raise this baby with Sandra. And still, Jack get's to discuss this with us and Sandra listens to him. There has always been something, I couldn't give her. She found it in her best friend. Anyway, that's not the point.As far as I can tell, the initials S.S. are a little... Ya know? Sandra is German... She probably doesn't see it like that. She sees her homeland in another light. But with all these prejudices about Germans... Kids can be so cruel. With Ismael Sasha Sullivan, there would be part of my culture, Sandra's brother's name and Jack's last name. Isn't that a compromise? Or is Eli it after all? What do you guys think?

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