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    It depends what your last name is, to be honest. I really like Emmett and I don't think many people will actually notice the connection as Twilight is a little old now so if it's a future baby I don't think it will matter.

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    I think the Twilight names will be like soap opera names were in the 70s/80s- Erica, Luke, Laura, Hope, ect stand up beyond this connection. None of these names feel specifically low-brow or tied to soaps. But someone named Laura Luke or Eric Cane might still get comments today. So Emmet Carlisle or even Emmet Roselli could get a few comments even in adulthood. As for comments when you announce your newborns name I think they're unavoidable. I would let Emmett go if the Twilight connection is disturbing for your husband. Maybe Everett or Elliot would work for you?

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    I think it really depends on what your last name is.
    Emmett Edwards, Emmett Isabella or Emmett Rosallie might be too much and too obvious but if your LN is linked to Carlisle, Esme, Jasper or Alice I doubt people would really notice. (Unless they are strongly Team Edward or Team Jacob).
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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberry_fields View Post
    It's not. It's the first name of one of the other members of the main family.
    Ohhh, well then I'd say it's fine. If it's Edwards, Jacobs/Jacobson etc, then it's fine because those are so common. If it's something more rare, like Jasper, then I'd avoid it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by girlymegz View Post
    The only people who will know what twilight is in 10-15 years is our generations and the kids who are Tweens right now. The books/movies are not going to become classics that's for sure. All the kids your son grows up with will never know, but one or two teachers might put the connection together. It is your choice, but I would cross it off because your husband seems very opposed to it. I'm sure you will find another name you love.

    This. Exactly.

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