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    Bethany Hildegarde

    In the time since my last thread about Hildegarde, I have realized I could never use it as a first name. Ever. Not even on this hypothetical girl who seems to have come into existence with the name! But as a middle? Who knows... How often are middle names used? Not a lot, so I started playing around with cool first names for Hildegarde. I came up with a lot, none (in my opinion) are 'clunky cool' like Hildegarde, but they sound good with it. My favorite is Bethany Hildegarde, what do you think? The others include:
    Isobel Hildegarde
    Isabeau Hildegarde (guilty pleasure!)
    Anais Hildegarde
    Acacia Hildegarde
    Azalea Hildegarde
    Fiona Hildegarde
    Vivienne Hildegarde (spelling?)
    Felicity Hildegarde
    Sofia Hildegarde
    Amelia Hildegarde

    But I keep coming back to Bethany! Do you have any opinions, suggestions?
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