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    I think, if it's a family name, that Evans is great on a girl. Most here will disagree, but I think if you asked outside of the nameberry circle, then you would get very different responses.
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

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    Well, there is the issue of both girls having some variation of 'eve' as a nickname. I would try to make them both more feminine.



    These are some pretty close compromises; I certainly wouldn't recommend using the names as they are on girls. There are plenty of alternatives that still incorporate those names that are feminine, but if you don't like them then I'd recommend you bump them to the middle name slot.

    However, I always encourage people to do what they want and name their kids what they love. If there are no alternatives for you, use them.
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    Definitely not as a first.
    Evan is a boys name.
    Evans is possessive.
    Evans on a girl just makes me think that she's property of an Evan. Dislike. It's self-defeatingly sexist in all planes.

    As a middle, it's fair game since it's a family name. I'd prefere a variant, as it's more creative and personal: Evania, Evanna, Evangeline even.
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    I think it's wonderful and I'm jealous you have a great family surname to repurpose. I'm from the South and frankly no one bats an eye at an adorable girl name Collins, Smith, or Berry. Evans is completely usable to me. Good luck!

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    If it's a family name, then yes — I do think it's usable. IMO, that's the only reason people should use surnames as given names (for girls, especially). Just se a very feminine and classic middle name, and she could go by Eva or Evvie.

    Everett could be spelt Everette to make it feminine. Other alternatives are Everina, Everild, or Everly.
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