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    Evans for a girl?

    Hi all,

    What do you think about the name Evans for a girl? It is a family name but has always been used for males. If we went with it, I think her middle name would have to be pretty feminine. Any ideas there?

    Also, I love the name Everett and have always wanted to name my future son that. But if we don't have a son, could I make Everett a girls name? Again, I feel like she'd need a pretty feminine middle name. Even more so for this one.

    Please help!

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    Sorry, I don't like either as a first name for a girl. Since Evans is a family name I think it would be fine to use it as a middle name. I have known several ladies who have used their maiden name as a middle name for their child,girl or boy.

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    I agree with @lis09

    Do not like either on a girl but Evans would be acceptable as a middle name!

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    I dislike the idea of either of those names on girls. How about a feminized version instead-- Evangeline, Evelyn, Eve or Eva?

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    This name is so close to a popular boy's name, so normally I would say no. But I actually go to school with a girl named Evan and Nameberry says there's an actress named Evan Rachel Wood. So yeah, I don't like it, but I don't hate it.
    I don't like Everett for a girl at all, but maybe if I met one I'd be more open to it.
    I think any longer, a little frilly name would work as a middle name.
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