View Poll Results: Which two names go best together for boy/girl siblings?

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  • Hal and Mae

    8 18.18%
  • Hal and Maeve

    16 36.36%
  • Hal and Willa

    8 18.18%
  • Hal and Lila

    6 13.64%
  • Hal and Dorothy

    15 34.09%
  • Hal and Sadie

    10 22.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I understand the concern over Harold and Maeve being too similar to Harold and Maude, however, because our son goes by Hal, I don't think it would be a serious issue. The only time anyone calls him Harold is our first time somewhere. (Like the first time at the dentist, doctor, etc.) After that, they all make a note and call him Hal. I do love the name Dorothy, but if we just call her Dorothy, no nn, is that still your vote with Hal?

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    OK- because of all the great feedback, hubby and I have reconsidered our options. Please discontinue this poll and vote on our new poll, with our updated options! Thanks so much for all the help. I feel like we are making real progress!

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