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    What would you picture a girl with these 2 names to look like?

    What would you picture a Claudia like and what would you picture a Violet like?
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    Please rate my namelist!

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    Claudia- A tall girl with an athletic build, brunette and tan skin. Prefers comfortable clothes and playing softball to dancing or wearing dresses. Loves history and science.

    Violet- A tiny girl who loves jazz dance. Has lots of freckles, big brown eyes and blonde hair always in a messy bun. Talks all the time, and is very energetic. Likes to goof around with her many friends and listen to music.
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    Claudia- A tall, slightly chubby girl with a very round face. She smiles a lot, and makes people feel comfortable and happy when she is around. She is a great friend who always keeps her promises, and although she is not athletic at all, she is a talented artist with a passion for fantasy novels.

    Violet- A rebellious punk who has black, curly hair that is cut in a messy bob. She spices up her ordinary outfit with an unusual accessory. To anyone she doesn't know, she is loud and brash, but when she is with her closest friends she is a completely different person. She is very intelligent, and works hard at school, despite her punk like appearance. Her most defining characteristic is how daring she is.
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