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    How popular really is Madeleine/Madeline?

    I have a one year old and want to start TTC number two soon. Recently my husband has declared his love for the name Madeline. My question is how popular is the LINE pronunciation? I know the LYNN pronunciation is pretty common. Madelyn is ranked 76 in my state (TX) but I am not sure how to look past the top 100 to see where Madeline/Madeleine rank. I also know Madeline can be pronounced with the LYNN ending, complicating things further!

    Since my son is so young and my husband and I are also young none of our friends really have kids so I am not around them very much so I guess I want to know from your experience how many you see with the LINE ending?

    Also, if I want it pronounced with the LINE ending which spelling do you think is the most intuitive?

    Thank you so much

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    There are about 9 different spellings of Madeleine currently in the top 1000. With combined spellings it goes to 13. While you may like the line pronunciation, it's difficult because the -lyn pronunciation is more popular in the US right now. I like Madeleine very much, but all the butchered spellings have put me off to it. There was a blog post recently about the real top 50 when you combine spellings.
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    You can check name rankings on SS's website.

    I personally know 3 Madeline/Madelyn/Madylin (ugh)
    And all 3 go by Maddie. All 3 are under 10.
    But I live in California so i'm not too sure how popular it is in other states.
    I think it's a fine name (if spelled properly) but definitely a bit too popular for my taste.
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    I think Madeline, with the LINE ending is so adorable, but like dindlee pointed out Madeline/lyn/leine is very popular and I think most people would opt for the most familiar pronunciation regardless of the spelling. In fact I remember reading about one mother on here with a daughter named Madeline, and she said she would introduce her daughter as Made-LINE and people would automatically start calling her Made-LYNN. But if that's something you could handle I think it's a gorgeous name.
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    Thanks! I guess I didn't take into account all the multiple spellings. We have a really common last name so the uber popularity is going to make this a no go.

    Thanks anyway! We have a lot of other names we really like so it's not a huge deal.

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