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    Oh, I had a classmate in elementary school called Edie. (Her brother's name was Gus, I think.) It works fine alone. It's a little "cutesy" but so are Molly and Lucy, in my opinion.
    For a middle name, how about a classic, like maybe Katherine or Grace.
    Or a short name (like Claire) such as May or Beth.
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    I think Edie Mae sounds lovely!

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    I find Edie incredibly cloying, and I'm someone who likes names like Daisy, Lucy, and Dot. Also, it makes me think of Idi Amin. So sorry!

    I like Edna.. but that's probably too clunky for you. Idony is gorgeous. If Edith doesn't quite do it for you, there's Edytha. Or the Finnish Iida (pronounced "EE-dah")
    Somehow Hedy is music to my ears, but not Edie.

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