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    Middle names for Edie?

    DH and I are expecting in December (2 days after big brother, Cole Matthew's bday!) and I'm convinced its a girl this time. We finally found a girl name we both like, Edie, but we are having trouble with a middle name. Our surname starts with F and is 2 syllables. I was thinking that since Edie is traditionally a nn it should be anchored with a good, strong mn, but god help me if I can think of anything. I like Edie Claire, but DH passed. Any suggestions?

    Also, I'm a little paranoid...does Edie work as a stand alone name? DH actually likes Edith, but I really don't. Is Edie too cutesy for a "grown-ass woman?" Or is it too cutesy period, because I'd really like to avoid anything cloying and precious.

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