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    Middle names for Edie?

    DH and I are expecting in December (2 days after big brother, Cole Matthew's bday!) and I'm convinced its a girl this time. We finally found a girl name we both like, Edie, but we are having trouble with a middle name. Our surname starts with F and is 2 syllables. I was thinking that since Edie is traditionally a nn it should be anchored with a good, strong mn, but god help me if I can think of anything. I like Edie Claire, but DH passed. Any suggestions?

    Also, I'm a little paranoid...does Edie work as a stand alone name? DH actually likes Edith, but I really don't. Is Edie too cutesy for a "grown-ass woman?" Or is it too cutesy period, because I'd really like to avoid anything cloying and precious.

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    first names that have the nn Eddie

    in the other hand Eddie is a very cute and unigue name for a lil girl so i dont worry about being to cutesy
    middle names
    Eddie Aspen
    Eddie Isabel
    Eddie Sophie
    Eddie Vivienne
    Eddie Gabrielle
    Eddie Eleanor
    Eddie Mirabel
    Eddie Penelope
    Eddie Charlotte
    Eddie Beatrice
    Eddie Violet
    Eddie Renne
    Eddie Emmaline

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    i mean Edie not Eddie my fault lol

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    I don't think it's too cutesy at all. I have known several little old ladies with the name and it makes me think of Edie Falco. I think it works just fine on it's own.
    Edie Lillian
    Edie Catherine
    Edie Simone
    Edie Juliet
    Edie Noelle
    Edie Caroline

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    I think of Edie Sedgwick who was Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan's muse.

    Edie Simone is pretty bad@ss
    Edie Kate is pretty cute too
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