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    Are These The Correct Pronunciations.

    As you all Know I like Quite a few names. I just wondered if I'm pronouncing them correctly.

    Aaliyah - Ah-Leah.
    Acacia - Ah-Kay-Sh-Uh.
    Adelaide - Ah-Del-Aide.
    Arabella - Ah-R-Uh-Bell-a.
    Ariana - Ah-Ree-Anna.
    Evelyn - Ev-Lynn.
    Kianna - Key-Anna.
    Lorelei - Laura-Lie.
    Thalia - Ta-Leah.

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    Aaliyah - like Aleah, uh-lee-uh
    Acacia - uh-kay-shuh
    Adelaide - add-uh-laid
    Arabella - air-uh-bell-uh
    Ariana - r-ee-ah-nah
    Evelyn - Ev-lyn
    Kiana - key-ahna
    Lorelei - lore-uh-lye
    Thalia - TAHL-yah
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    Aaliyah - AH-lee-uh
    Acacia - uh-KAY-see-uh
    Adelaide - A-duh-layd
    Arabella - a-ruh-BEL-uh
    Ariana - a-ree-AH-nuh
    Evelyn - EEV-lin
    Lorelei - LO-ruh-lie
    Thalia - THAYL-ee-uh
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    I live in the South of the Uk, but I have a welsh Accent.

    Kianna is a name it's a variation of Kiana. - I just looked up the actual saying of this is kee-AHN-ah - I now get the AHN. word.
    Thalia - I also just looked this one up THAYL-yah - I personally like Ta-Lee-Uh though.

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    I agree with Ren's pronunciations, though I've never heard the name Thalia said out loud.

    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    I live in the South of the Uk, but I have a welsh Accent.

    If you're in the south of the UK, I'm surprised you don't get EVE-lyn for Evelyn. I find that almost everyone down here says it that way! And I don't see how that pronunciation should mean Evelyn should be spelt differently. EVE-lyn is the most logical pronunciation of Evelyn to me. EV-lyn is a new one though. Is that a Welsh thing?
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