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Thread: Desdemona

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    i know @mclevine Rosalind and cordelia are gorgeous names

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    Desdemona is beautiful and honestly I don't think it's any more difficult than Ophelia (with the negative Shakespeare stigma that is.)
    But Desdemona does have a more difficult meaning to battle with as well.
    It's not unusable I'd just be very careful to pair it with a very happy, very positive first or middle name.
    Keep in mind that Mary means bitter which I'd find equally difficult but doesn't stop it and it's variations from continuously being very popular.
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    Thanks @Lexiem

    I hope Ophelia is at least usable because it's my favorite Shakespeare name!

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    Yeah, Desdemona Joy Letitia for example could work. Or better yet, Letitia Desdemona Joy.
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    Ottilie, Letitia is gorgeous I am second both your suggestions, they balance Desdemona out very well.

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