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    I adore Heidi Kathleen. It goes well with the siblings too. It's adorable, unique but still recognizable. My first thought was the novel Heidi which I read a million times over as a child. In the movie, Heidi was kind, persistent, strong, adventurous and loving.
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    Heidi sounds great with Mason and Brenna. It doesn't clash.
    Heidi Una
    Heidi Aine
    Heidi Aisling

    Heidi Bebinn
    Heidi Bree
    Heidi Bridget
    Heidi Brigitta (prefer Brigitta over Bridget, and it still Irish, although not directly)

    Heidi Caitlin
    Heidi Deidre
    Heidi Dorean
    Heidi Edna
    Heidi Eilis

    Heidi Emer
    Heidi Grainne
    Heidi Isibeal
    Heidi Lile
    Heidi Laoise
    Heidi Maeve

    Heidi Mairin
    Heidi Moira
    Heidi Monat
    Heidi Naomh
    Heidi Nessa
    Heidi Niamh
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