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    Sibset:Best you've heard!

    What is the best sibset you’ve ever heard—and/or- -if you’re so inclined– what’s the worst? (Twins and other multiples included.)

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    Apr 2013
    Best? Twins named Julianna and Elizabeth. I loved that!
    Worst? I don't know.
    (As I'm posting, this is the only time I've seen the Girl Baby Names forum have less viewers than the Boys Baby Names forum. Girls have 45; boy have 50!)
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

    Caspian Bartholomew & Claire Gwendolen

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    Best is probably brothers called Parker and Roscoe as they are both two of my favourites. I also met a family with children called Elliot, Isabelle, Ruby and Esme which I think is quite nice but I don't really like the two E names.
    I don't think I have ever hear any terrible ones, especially in my area as people just give their children normal names like Matthew, Isaac, Alexander, Caitlin, Sophie and Bethany.
    Merrybells, the boys name forum almost always has more views, well all the times that I have been one which is mostly around five every night. I think it's because the boys name forum comes before the girls one does.

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    I think MY three kids are the best I've heard, lol. I get compliments on their names all the time

    Sebastian, Oliver, and Elliott

    ETA: I didn't realize that I was in the girl's name forum, so nevermind! There is a twins announcement with probably the best twin girls names I've ever seen though... Hazel and Olive <3
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    casilayne Guest
    There is a sibset in our local disctrict that still has teachers talking: Fantasy and Ecstasy. ... My goodness.

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