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    OK, I'm American, and southern, and I don't hear what you are worried about in Bo Datvis, but it is clear you are worried. I agree with you that you can't control what nick name your child's friends will give him, unless you nick name him first. If you called him Baz, then I think you would be in the clear for avoiding Bo. However, if you want him to always be called Boaz in your family, you have some soul searching to do. Is your love of Boaz so complete that you could live with all future friends and significant others calling him Bo? Or would you be so devastated by that, that it is best to give up on Boaz and go in a different direction? My brother has a double name, and while our family continues to call him by his double name (he is 31-years-old with three children of his own) everyone else, including his wife, call him by the shortened version of his name. It doesn't really bother us, as we still call him by his intended name, and it doesn't seem to bother him either. If you can't live with the majority of people calling him Bo, I would suggest getting out the short-list of approved, but not chosen, names again. If none of those make you as happy as Boaz, maybe you have already found your perfect name, and what ever nn he is given later is not really that important. Good luck and congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I have said Bo + surname out load now about 50 times, and I can't find anything bad it reminds me of. It does turn into kind of a word, but not a bad one. I am very very curious about what it is you're worried about?

    Apart from that, Boaz rocks!!! So so cool. I'd go for it!
    I agree with ottilie on this. I don't hear it either and I think Boaz is a great name.

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    Boaz is an awesome name. And I don't hear anything when I say Bo + D@vis over and over. Bodega? Bodacious? Nothing I can hear that'd be anything that should stop you from choosing the name.
    Baz is a cool NN option with Boaz, by the way. Never considered that one. Boaz is also short enough on it's own, and the syllables flow together so smoothly, that I don't think a NN is even necessary.
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    I don't hear anything either.

    Btw is one of you Ethiopian? I noticed each boy has a Christian Amharic name and Geoffrey, presumably their father's name, in the middle?

    Boaz Geoffrey ____ Davis sounds great to me.
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    Wow, so many reposonses! Thanks so much!

    indianruby: I've sent you a PM, as requested

    But, yes, as scarletrune said, my concern is that Bo Dayvus sounds like bodacious... I am very heartened that people either think it's not a problem, or didn't notice. Maybe I'm just oversensitive - too much viewing on ninja turtles perhaps (hazard of being a mother of 3 boys!).

    I'm also thrilled that there is so much love there for Boaz, especially by some of you senior members whose lists leave me swooning sometimes Javad, I totally agree that no shortening of Boaz is needed (I'm not a nickname person myself), but in Australia, I think shortening names is something of a national passtime...

    Frances: Thanks for your congratulations I have kind-of come to terms with the whole nicknames being almost inevitable thing (our eldest son's name is shortened to Geb constantly, which I don't love), but was most concerned about the whole nickname+surname resembling a word...

    Blade: re: the Ethiopian connection - well picked up! Our oldest son was adopted from Ethiopia and so we try to maintain a strong connections to Ethiopian culture and we have spent a fair bit of time there so we have given all the boys their father's name as a second name (as is customary in ET), and Ethiopian names as middles for our bio boys (Adisu is Amharic, Gebriael and Yohannes are both used by Christians - orthodox, catholic and protestant- in many people groups). Our Ethiopian son has three generations of family names as middles (although Keith is my grandfather, which is not the way it works in Ethiopia!)

    A couple of people asked about middles: Still discussing the second middle name, but will probably be one of:

    Boaz Geoffrey Tomaskin (tom-ahs-kin)
    Boaz Geoffrey Neguse (ne-goos)
    Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen (muh-con-un)
    Boaz Geoffrey Bruk (brook - oo as in goo) - too many 'b' sounds in that one probably!
    Boaz Geoffrey Bereket (bear-uh-ket - DH doesn't like that one)
    Boaz Geoffrey Amanuel (ah-mah-noo-el)

    Thanks again everyone!

    I really appreciate your help and do feel quite a bit better about it all today.

    Happily married to a fabulous but completely-not-interested-in-names guy.

    Mum to:

    Gebriael Geoffrey Edwin Keith (01/02/05)
    Roscoe Geoffrey Yohannes (09/04/08)
    Cormac Geoffrey Adisu (02/08/11)
    Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen (04/07/13)

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