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    Thought we'd nailed a name for baby boy #4... but now not so sure

    Hi there Berries,
    I’m in a bit of a quandary and would love some opinions.
    Baby boy #4 is due in less than 6 weeks and for weeks we have been 100% sold on Boaz. 100%. No questions. Both of us love it (which is saying something because DH is extremely picky).

    But today… my mum (after much soul searching on her part!) pointed out to me that if Boaz is shortened to ‘Bo’ it is not so hot with our surname, which is D@vis... Bo D@vis... Say it a few times… I’m not the only one who hears it am I?? (I’m not going to say what I hear, just yet, so I don’t bias anyone )

    Ideally, I personally would want to avoid Boaz being shortened (and if it was, I prefer Baz to Bo), but the reality is that it is likely it would be and really, once kids hit school, parents get very little say in what they are actually called. As a friend pointed out, while there are lots of Matthews, Lachlans, Jacobs and Joshuas out there who don’t have their names shortened, people are likely to shorten an unfamiliar 2 syllable name to a very familiar one syllable nickname, if they get the chance… (And Beau is very popular where I live, top 50 I think).

    So my question is: Do we go with Boaz, try as hard as we can to avoid it being shortened, and hope that if it is shortened to Bo people don’t make the connection? Do we go back to our short-list, many of which I love, but not as much as Boaz, or do we start all over again (with only 5 and a bit weeks to go, my blood runs cold at the thought!)??

    I really appreciate any thoughts Thankyou so much in advance.

    P.s. We’re Australian and in Australia, so think Australian accents
    Happily married to a fabulous but completely-not-interested-in-names guy.

    Mum to:

    Gebriael Geoffrey Edwin Keith (01/02/05)
    Roscoe Geoffrey Yohannes (09/04/08)
    Cormac Geoffrey Adisu (02/08/11)
    Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen (04/07/13)

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