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    False negatives?

    Hi All.
    I'm wondering if anyone has has the experience of a late false-negative hpt. I have a history of hormonal imbalance and *slightly* irregular periods, though I do manage to menstruate every month for the most part... But my last period was March 15! Two home pregnancy tests have been negative (one back in April, one maybe a week ago.) I don't feel particularly pregnant, aside from having a bit more inflammation than usual and an aversion to milk (smelled lobsterish to me!) I have an MRI scheduled for Monday afternoon, but it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I should get a blood test in case I need to hold off on the MRI... Is it possible that I could have undetectable hcg levels this late in pregnancy? Can one get same-day results from a blood pregnancy test? (Not sure I can get one on the weekend, and I'd love to not reschedule the MRI.) I started charting 20 days ago, wondering what was up. Thus far, I have an irregular sawtooth pattern, but no high temps that might indicate pregnancy or ovulation.
    Ok sorry that was a lot of information. Thanks Berries for any advice!

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