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    Brother for Jack, Nola and Lucy

    We recently discovered that our fourth (and, probably, final) child, due this September, shall be a man child. Naming boys is next to impossible for me. I still have lingering name remorse for my eldest who is 8 ("Jackson", I love "Jack", but I really wish that I had gone for the traditional "John", with the nickname of "Jack" since every second child in creation is now named Jackson. Also, it gets confusing with our last name, which is pronounced exactly like the girl's name Becca. Surname first names don't work so well for us.) But, I digress.

    So, fourth baby is due in 17 weeks or so. And it is a boy. We currently have a Jack(son), Nola, and a Lucy. I am currently leaning towards either Edward (Ned or Ted/Teddy) or Hugh. As I said, our last name is two syllables and sounds exactly like Becca. Middles may be James or William or something else. So...

    Jack, Nola, Lucy, Edward (Ned/Ted/Teddy)
    --my worries with Edward are that it is too formal with my other children. And, then, there is the whole sparkly vampire thing
    Jack, Nola, Lucy, Hugh
    --is Hugh too insubstantial? Too easily confused with huge? Am I starting to over think?

    Any opinions? and if you hate both options, any suggestions? I, of course, do not need to be decided right now, really just looking for feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    javad Guest
    I like both options quite a lot. However, for some reason, when I say Hugh Becca it sounds a little strange. Hugo Becca would work better I think. Edward works great. I'd use a long middle name with either one of these (3+ syllables), think it'd make the overall flow better.

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    I prefer Edward over Hugh but I really like javad suggestion of Hugo.

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    I like Edward the best, and I think any of the nicknames would work with the sibset.

    I agree that Hugh is a little insubstantial.

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    casilayne Guest
    Edward is my preference as well. While Edward is quite formal, I think Teddy is adorable with the older 3 kiddos.

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